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Beauty Bedroom Light Fixtures

Beauty Bedroom Light Fixtures

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Bedroom Light Fixtures – Light illuminately your dreamy bed room retreat with luxurious lighting, from vintage bedside sconces to modern pendant fixtures. Use our prime lighting concepts and designer ideas that will help you select one of the best sources on your space.

Contemporary Alternative

Lexington-Home-Brands_modern-urban-bedroom Image

To create a modern look in your bedroom that also saves space, hang low-watt pendant light fixtures from the ceiling right above your nightstands. To add even more interest to the space, hang the fixtures at different heights. The pendants offer a soft, soothing source of light and provide a contemporary decorative element. Since these won’t completely light up the room on their own, add complementary light sources, like a table lamp across the room. Photo courtesy of Lexington Home Brands

Bright Whites

Duneier-traditional-navy-bedroom-lighting Image

A separate seating area is the perfect place for an illuminating light fixture of its own. Despite the dark navy draperies and walls, this elegant lounging spot has plenty of light for reading. When natural light isn’t an option, the swing-arm floor lamp provides the perfect amount of light. To ensure this dark room doesn’t feel cold and dark, designer Jennifer Duneier used white accents to brighten up the space, as well as a crisp, white lampshade to guarantee the fixture emits as much light as possible.

Serene Atmosphere

Lighting-Interiors-ethnic-master-bedroom-bathroom Image


To provide a sense of ambiance and sensuality, various types of lighting were used throughout this guest bedroom and bathroom suite. Designer Amélie de Gaulle placed accent lights above the bed to enhance the Bhutanese fabric artwork and also to provide the best light source for reading. Three pendant lights in the bathroom provide a form of task lighting while also illuminating the adjacent bedroom area. And an unexpected form of lighting comes from the antique Chinese silk screen lit from behind with a hidden fluorescent fixture. Design by Amélie de Gaulle of Amélie de Gaulle Interiors

Beauty Bedroom Light Fixtures At-Home Getaway

Lighting-penthouse-apartment-elegant-master-bedroom Image

Evenly spaced recessed can lights truly enhance the gold and metallic hues of this luxurious master bedroom. For additional lighting, four table lamps deliver focused task lighting around the bed and dressers. Plus, dark floor-to-ceiling draperies make it easy to shield the natural light from the window and quickly set the mood. “Think boutique hotel rooms with blackout curtains; augment with a myriad of light sources on dimmers, of course. It’ll always feel like you’re on vacation at home,” says Jamie Laubhan-Oliver of D Home.

Modern Charm

Lighting-luxurious-beach-master-bedroom Image

There’s no better way to spice up an elevated floor — and remind yourself and guests that it’s there — quite like the addition of rope lighting. Tucked under the underside of the raised floor, the rope stretches all the way across the room, creating a unique glow. The details and creative elements of the space are enhanced with the use of several different light sources: framing wall sconces, hanging pendants, recessed can lights, table lamps and a hidden fixture within the headboard.

Enhanced Ambiance

Lighting-rich-luxurious-bedroom Image

An advantage of installing recessed “eyeball” lights is the ease with which they can be focused on any part of the room you’re trying to draw attention. In this rich bedroom retreat, smaller recessed lights are used around the entire room, along with hidden accent lights above the headboard and antique bedside sconces to create a soft, ambient feel.

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